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Annya McKenzie


Josh Witzmann

Travel & Accommodation


When should we be there? Our suggestion would be, to be here from Sunday 12th May - Sunday 19th May for wedding activities/events.

Flights? At this time of season there are limited flights in and out of Kefalonia but you'll find direct London Gatwick - Kefalonia (EFL) flights . In addition, TUI & Jet2 have a range of package (flight & hotel) holidays with more airport options. If you decide to go for a package holiday, we would recommend staying in Argostoli or Lassi so you're close to the wedding venue.

Hotels? If you're going to book flights and hotel separately there are a range of different options available (that we can suggest) depending on personal budgets. We will add a list of them here to help start your search. In addition to the list we provide you'll find MANY options on airbnb and, this can be a great option if you want to rent as a group to get the best prices possible. Some villas will be more further afield but with a car, everything is accessible.

€€€ - high end

€€ - mid range

€ - low end

Driving? Driving on the island is simple and it's easy to navigate - don't stress! Have a look at the bottom of the page for car rental

Thalassa Boutique Hotel €€€

Adults only - boutique hotel based in Lassi. A highly rated hotel on the island, with easy access to Paliostafida beach

12 - minute drive to wedding venue

Visit Website

Canale Hotel & Suites €€€

High end luxurious hotel located in on the water front in Argostoli

5-minute drive to wedding venue

Visit Website

Alley Hotel €€

Beautiful boutique-style hotel located in the centre of Argostoli

5 - minute drive to wedding venue

Visit Website

Mouikis Hotel €€

A modern yet simple hotel located in the centre of Argostoli

6 - minute drive to wedding venue

Visit Website

Lassi Hotel €€

A typical holiday hotel based in Lassi with an on-site pool and close access to many rocky and sandy beach

10 - minute drive to wedding venue

Visit Website

Oskars Apartments €

A family-run set of apartments at the top of 'Fanari Road' in Lassi, close to Kalamia beach with a highly rated restaurant on-site. 15-minute walk into Argostoli

7 - minute drive to wedding venue

Visit Website

Sisiotisa Hotel €

A basic accommodation based in Argostoli, 15 second walk to the Koutavos Lagoon

8 - minute drive to wedding venue

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Car Rentals

We have worked with Greek Stones to get a deal - guests renting a car for 7+ days (in May) will get 18% discount.

Please have a look online to see a car that would suit, there a few automatics available at present but are limited.

Please email, whatsapp or facebook message me by the end of December if you would like a rental car and the type you'd be interested in. I will book in person in January. I will need your flight details & name of main driver.

Number - +30 6936065701

Email -